Construction Update

In case you missed it last week, here is some updated information about out Discover Life Campaign.

First, Thank you for your financial support and faithful giving, we are making great strides already in debt reduction. Here are a few highlights from last weeks update. We are going back to one service. Our first Sunday in the renovated space will be October 7 and our services will start at 10am. Construction is going well but we are behind schedule due to some unforeseen issues that had to be resolved. Good news is that they were resolved at no additional cost, which is a huge win for us.

We are super excited about moving in, so be sure to start inviting your friends and family to the relaunch service on October 7th. Transitions require plans, so we need some of our awesome people to step up and serve in our Rez Kids ministry. Serving our kids will be one of the best things you have done, trust me you’ll see God at work! Serving is one of the best ways to connect life to life here at Rez. We can always find things in common with other while serving Jesus. This is a great opportunity to influence and impact the future generations. You can sign up in the E-Blast.

We thank you for helping move the mission forward.

Construction Update Week 6, 7, 8 and 9


Oh my, we have some openings. If you haven’t noticed we have two large opening in our building. We are super excited about where these openings lead. OUR NEW REZ KIDS SPACE! Our kids space will be amazing. The lower opening will be a large double door that will open into a lobby area for our Rez Kids check in. Here regular Rez Kids will be able to self check-in and then drop them off at the designated rooms - where they will learn more about the God that loves them. The upper opening is a large window that will flood a lobby area that is designated for our elementary kids with natural sunlight. This week we had inspections for our framing and electrical, it went great and sheetrock is schedule to begin ASAP. This means that our building will begin to take shape. Concrete has been poured at the front of the building connecting the sidewalks on both sides of the foyer. We are on track to move back into our space in September. Who is excited? Stay tuned, we will soon be writing on the floor. We love the idea and symbolism of writing scriptures on the floor. We will literally be standing on God's promises to us! We know everyone is anxious to get in and see whats happened in our building and soon you will be able to... be prepared to be shocked. Thank you to all who have supported this project with prayer and your finances your generosity and sacrifices have played a major role. More updates to come!

Construction Update Week5


Things are starting to take shape.  The interior framing is almost complete for the new layout.  Square footage, Square footage, Square footage!!! Scream it people!  It seriously feels like we added square footage to this building.   Plumbing and electrical are full swing, the old is on its way out and the new is being installed. The HVAC is coming along nicely.   As you can see from the outside, we have some new openings being made for our storefront entrances that will help our guests find their way to the right location. We can't wait to open things up for everyone to see! You are going to be shocked!  In a good way of course!!!!  One thing we are excited about is the increased security in our children spaces.  Again, your support is playing a huge part in this project.  Thank you to everyone who has or is giving to this project.  If you haven’t jumped in yet with support, don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in the future of Rez and the future generations. 

Construction Update Week4


Demo work is nearing completion!!!  You may notice the outside of the building is starting to look a bit different. This Week a large sections of brick have been removed so that we can add a new entry space for the kids. On the inside, all the walls are up and in place and we are waiting for plumbing to begin.  Things are going to start taking shape of the next few weeks.  The electricians have removed most of the old wiring and getting things ready for the new wiring.   We are going to begin ordering the furniture items very soon and before we know it, we will be worshipping in our newly renovated space!!!  In the weeks ahead we will have a special time to for you to write scriptures on the floor of the sanctuary, don’t miss this Sunday.  Begin now making a list of scriptures you would like to write on the floors, we want to cover the space with scripture. 

Last but not least, to all those who have sacrificed and given to this mission, THANK YOU!   Your giving will have an impact on generations to come! 

FOUR things to remember about this Construction project.
1.   Its about people Discovering Life
2.   Progress is being made
3.   Don’t miss the days where you will participate
4.   Support the mission by continuously praying, serving, and giving.

Construction Updates Week 2&3


Construction, Construction, Construction or better yet Progress, Progress, Progress!!!   So much has happened since construction began. The Worship center demo is underway. The redesigned Rez Kids space, well its going to be amazing, with the new walls going up the space is starting to come alive. SO EXCITING! The electricians and HVAC crews are hard at work to remove the old and install the new. The New Bathrooms that are located in the Main Entrance (old foyer) are being framed.  It will be great to not have to walk pass the stage when you "gotta to go". Things are changing daily inside the building! We are so grateful for your continued support.  The best is yet to come here at Rez.  Please remember, the building is off limits right-now, feel free to peek in a door but no one is allowed inside due to safety procedures.  Don’t worry in the coming weeks you’ll have the opportunity to walk around inside and see the progress for yourself.   

Construction Updates Week 1


Demo Demo Demo! We are excited that Week 1 of the Discover Life Building Campaign is in the books! That means we are one week closer to our new space.  Here are some things you should know before this week's services.

Arrive Early
This will allow you time to use the restroom, drop your nursery age kids off, and find a seat. There are currently 104 seats set up in the activity center and we anticipate each service being very full.  Please slide all the way to the end of the row allowing all empty seats to be filled.  

Rez Kids
Our elementary aged Rez Kids will join us in service for the majority of the summer.  We recognized that kids can be squirmy - Ms. Andrea has prepared activity sheets and crayons for the children who will be in service.  These are located right inside the main doors of the activity center.  We ask that you return the crayons after service.  For more info, check out Pastor Andrea's Blog by clicking here

Rez Kids (Nursery Age)
As you walk into the activity center immediately to your left you will see our check in table.  Children who are not in elementary school yet will be signed in here.  We have made this process is quick and easy. We ask that you promptly check out your children after service.  We will not begin to check-in children for the 2nd service until ALL children from the 1st service have been checked-out. 

Second Service Attendees
If you are planning to attend our 11:00AM service, we ask that you wait outside of the activity center until service is over. Entering and exiting through these doors can be very distracting. 

Construction Site
For your safety we ask that you do not wander into the construction site.

This is an exciting time at Resurrection Church!   Make the best use of this time to get to know someone new.  We believe that this period in our church will be a life changing time.  We look forward to hearing about how God changes your life this summer. 

Remember we are all in this together! If you have any questions - ask them! Stop by the welcome center when you arrive Sunday Morning or shoot us an email -