Construction Update Week4


Demo work is nearing completion!!!  You may notice the outside of the building is starting to look a bit different. This Week a large sections of brick have been removed so that we can add a new entry space for the kids. On the inside, all the walls are up and in place and we are waiting for plumbing to begin.  Things are going to start taking shape of the next few weeks.  The electricians have removed most of the old wiring and getting things ready for the new wiring.   We are going to begin ordering the furniture items very soon and before we know it, we will be worshipping in our newly renovated space!!!  In the weeks ahead we will have a special time to for you to write scriptures on the floor of the sanctuary, don’t miss this Sunday.  Begin now making a list of scriptures you would like to write on the floors, we want to cover the space with scripture. 

Last but not least, to all those who have sacrificed and given to this mission, THANK YOU!   Your giving will have an impact on generations to come! 

FOUR things to remember about this Construction project.
1.   Its about people Discovering Life
2.   Progress is being made
3.   Don’t miss the days where you will participate
4.   Support the mission by continuously praying, serving, and giving.