Construction Update Week5


Things are starting to take shape.  The interior framing is almost complete for the new layout.  Square footage, Square footage, Square footage!!! Scream it people!  It seriously feels like we added square footage to this building.   Plumbing and electrical are full swing, the old is on its way out and the new is being installed. The HVAC is coming along nicely.   As you can see from the outside, we have some new openings being made for our storefront entrances that will help our guests find their way to the right location. We can't wait to open things up for everyone to see! You are going to be shocked!  In a good way of course!!!!  One thing we are excited about is the increased security in our children spaces.  Again, your support is playing a huge part in this project.  Thank you to everyone who has or is giving to this project.  If you haven’t jumped in yet with support, don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in the future of Rez and the future generations.