Our Core Values



Its all about Jesus 

The most important reality in the universe is a person. Jesus is our life and everything we do, say, and believe revolves around Him.

Treasure Hunting

God is amazing! We study the Bible deeply, deliberately, and desperately to grow in our affection for God.

Story Tellers 

We all talk about the things we love. We love God, so we talk about Him. People matter to God and to us and we are eager tell His story to everyone!

Life to Life

Growing in Christ always happens best in community — we are better together. In authentic relationships we find encouragement and strength in our journey with Jesus

Faith Works

We follow our leader — Jesus came to serve, not be served. At Rez, serving with Jesus isn’t something we have to do, it’s something we get to do because it’s who we are. 

Love Gives

We can’t help but give because God is so good to us! It’s our gratitude to God that compels us to give generously.