Construction Updates Week 2&3


Construction, Construction, Construction or better yet Progress, Progress, Progress!!!   So much has happened since construction began. The Worship center demo is underway. The redesigned Rez Kids space, well its going to be amazing, with the new walls going up the space is starting to come alive. SO EXCITING! The electricians and HVAC crews are hard at work to remove the old and install the new. The New Bathrooms that are located in the Main Entrance (old foyer) are being framed.  It will be great to not have to walk pass the stage when you "gotta to go". Things are changing daily inside the building! We are so grateful for your continued support.  The best is yet to come here at Rez.  Please remember, the building is off limits right-now, feel free to peek in a door but no one is allowed inside due to safety procedures.  Don’t worry in the coming weeks you’ll have the opportunity to walk around inside and see the progress for yourself.