Construction Updates Week 1


Demo Demo Demo! We are excited that Week 1 of the Discover Life Building Campaign is in the books! That means we are one week closer to our new space.  Here are some things you should know before this week's services.

Arrive Early
This will allow you time to use the restroom, drop your nursery age kids off, and find a seat. There are currently 104 seats set up in the activity center and we anticipate each service being very full.  Please slide all the way to the end of the row allowing all empty seats to be filled.  

Rez Kids
Our elementary aged Rez Kids will join us in service for the majority of the summer.  We recognized that kids can be squirmy - Ms. Andrea has prepared activity sheets and crayons for the children who will be in service.  These are located right inside the main doors of the activity center.  We ask that you return the crayons after service.  For more info, check out Pastor Andrea's Blog by clicking here

Rez Kids (Nursery Age)
As you walk into the activity center immediately to your left you will see our check in table.  Children who are not in elementary school yet will be signed in here.  We have made this process is quick and easy. We ask that you promptly check out your children after service.  We will not begin to check-in children for the 2nd service until ALL children from the 1st service have been checked-out. 

Second Service Attendees
If you are planning to attend our 11:00AM service, we ask that you wait outside of the activity center until service is over. Entering and exiting through these doors can be very distracting. 

Construction Site
For your safety we ask that you do not wander into the construction site.

This is an exciting time at Resurrection Church!   Make the best use of this time to get to know someone new.  We believe that this period in our church will be a life changing time.  We look forward to hearing about how God changes your life this summer. 

Remember we are all in this together! If you have any questions - ask them! Stop by the welcome center when you arrive Sunday Morning or shoot us an email -