VBS Family Fun Day & Church-wide Gathering...


Church gatherings are a lot like family gatherings.  Yep, they can be pretty awkward…you can be surrounded by a hundred people, and feel completely alone.  I’m pretty sure Christian comedians like John Crist get two-thirds of their material from these types of events.  But it's really not THAT bad...think of it like an old-fashioned family reunion, only you’re not actually related to crazy Uncle Keith!   (See, it’s already looking up!)


So here’s how you can participate in our church-wide, SUPER FUN, VBS Family Fun Day…

Just show up!  June 24th!
9:30-10:30 Activity Stations
10:30-11:15 Worship Service
11:15-12:00 Lunch
6:30-8:30 Shipwreck Cove & Baptisms (FREE Admission)

Enjoy time with your kids and church family!  
Yes, I fully understand they can be annoying at times (both kids and church family...HA!), but this day is all about unity, fun, and fellowship!  Put on a smile, play with your kids, talk to someone you don’t know…it’ll be great!  You might even make a new friend!

Dress for mess!  
No Sunday best!  In fact, wear your lawn mowing clothes.  You might get wet.  You WILL get sweaty.  Sunscreen and sandals, t-shirts and shorts - all a good idea!

Canopy tents, camping chairs, corn hole…cookies!  
Anything you would pack for a tailgate, also a good idea.  For lunch, we’re providing meat and buns.  Please bring a side and drinks to share!  (Keep it simple - chips, potato salad, beans, drinks, etc.)  If you have a canopy tent, arrive early and we’ll have a designated area to set those up.  This will help provide shade for the worship service and picnic.  Share your shade!  Invite those without tents to sit with you!  

There will be a welcome tent set up in front of the Activity Center.  Check-in at the tent when you arrive.  

I think that just about covers it.  If you don’t have kids, consider volunteering…or join us at 10:30 for the worship service…or just show up for free food (hey, there's nothing wrong with that)!  Lots of options, so no excuses for not coming!  

Let’s not settle for being a community of believers.  Let’s be a FAMILY of believers.  We’re better together!  

I can’t wait to see you at our family gathering!  

Feel free to contact me if you want to help out or if you have any questions!

Here They Come!

So the kids are joining us for service…

Think of how great it will be!  We’ll all hold hands and sing old hymns.  My little one will lay his head on my shoulder as we pray.  Then all three of my boys will sit quietly beside me as we listen to the message. 

Hahahahaha!  Okay, so that’s probably not exactly how it’s going to go down.  Did I mention I have three boys?!  In reality, I’ll probably be giving at least one of them stink eye for not singing as loud as I think they should.  One will likely be picking his nose.  Their clothes will probably be mismatched (unless it’s Easter or Christmas).  All the while, I’ll be fervently praying that no one uses their outside voice to wonder why the guy up front doesn’t have any hair!  

I get it, bringing your kids to church can feel like a chore.  Staying home in your pajamas and putting on some cartoons may sound like a better option.  But I believe bringing our kids to church and allowing them to worship right beside us (at least some of the time) is so important and worthwhile.  Praising God and celebrating as a family is time well spent, even when it’s not picture perfect!  By allowing your kids to see you sing, pray, and listen and by allowing your kids to participate in the bigger, multigenerational family of God…You are building the foundation of your kids’ faith, and that…THAT is important work!  

Here are a couple of practical ways that MIGHT make Sundays go smoother while the kids are in service…

  • Take care of physical needs before the service begins.
    Having diapers changed, making sure everyone has used the bathroom, having a water bottle, and making sure everyone has eaten are all helpful.  
  • Talk about going to church throughout the week.  Incorporate songs, prayer, and scripture reading.
    Remind your kids (often) of your expectations.  Explain why it’s important.  Look up some of our songs on You Tube and listen together.  This gives you the opportunity to explain them and allows your kids to get familiar with the words.  Re-read the verses used in the sermon, and spend time answering any questions your kids may have.  (<———Hello, family devotional opportunity!)
  • Try to remember that helping a child in church is a form of worship!  
    It may not feel as “worshipful” when your hands are full and you can’t even hold a Bible.  But it is an act of worship, a worthy and meaningful one at that!
  • Crayons and activity pages will be available as you come in!
    Grab some crayons and papers.  Sit where your kids can see the action.  Quietly explain what’s going on during the service.

Your kids, my kids, OUR kids…they’re going to be noisy/squirmy/fidgety/restless…IT’S OKAY!  And on weeks when it’s really tough to focus and you walk away feeling defeated and not spiritually nourished for the week ahead, you can always re-listen to the sermon by clicking here!  You can also stay up-to-date with the Discover Life project by clicking here

We’re all in this together!  

Summer, Sheep, and Serving

It’s no secret, there are a lot of changes happening in our Kids' Ministry.  It’s an exciting time, and I will try to post updates here as often as I can. 

Here's the first one...(IMPORTANT!!)
Starting this Sunday (5/13), ALL kids - even babies and preschoolers - will check in at the Activity Center.  We’ll have two rooms set up for them.  It’s going to be different, we’ll probably have some challenges, we’ll probably have to adjust some things as we go, but there’s one thing I know for sure - our kids will be well cared for and loved on!  During construction, safety and security will remain a top priority.  It just may not look that pretty.  Your kids will still learn about Jesus, and they'll still have a great time because we have amazing volunteers at Rez.  They love on our kids and demonstrate the heart of Jesus every week - no matter where the classes are!

Funny story…this past Sunday, our kids heard about the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  After church, I asked Avett (our 3-year-old) what he learned about.  He said, “The guy lost his sheep, but then he found it.  (long pause)  He probably had tooooooo many.”  YES!  I love it!  Okay, so it isn’t the whole story, and he kind of sort of missed the point…but hey, he was listening, he had fun, he made connections with his little friends, and he was loved on by some sweet people.  He was loved on.  That’s the real win in my book.  Our kids need to feel loved, so that they can begin to understand God’s unending love for them!

Well, that sort of brings me to my next point or two…summer and serving.  (I know some of you will see the word serving and stop reading.  DON’T.)  Our kids are important to God, and reaching kids is a top priority at our church.  If everyone understood the spiritual blessing of serving God’s children, I would have to start a volunteer wait list!  So here’s my invitation to you - look over your summer schedule, find one or two Sundays that you can commit to serving in June/July, and then email me and let me know!  I know summers are busy, but we can all pitch in, enjoy this opportunity to serve, and give some of the regular volunteers a much-needed break.  There are only a few requirements:
1. A background check.
2. Don’t be creepy.
3. Love our kids like Jesus!

Now...ready, set, go…start emailing me with your dates for June and July, and let's cover the nursery and preschool classes. ------>  andrea@rezfaith.com

I really hope I have to start a volunteer wait list!  

Better Together...

Hi!  My name is Andrea.  I'm married to Jason, and we have three boys - Aiden (Big), Attlee (Middle), and Avett (Little).  We've been married for a really, really long time (since 2008).  We're just trying our best to get through the day without anyone getting hurt and hoping that we all learn a little more about Jesus each day.  

I was born and raised in Arkansas, but I'm so thankful to now call South Carolina my home.  The mountains are my happy place, and I go as often as I can!  I enjoy hiking, iced coffee, bluegrass music, and making stuff.  

I'm new to blogging, and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about it.  See, I've watched A LOT of episodes of Dateline, and it has taught me one thing - if you put something on the internet it stays there for all of eternity.  So even if I delete this, a few years from now my boys will find it and make fun of me for something I've said.  But here it goes, and here's what you can expect...

LOTS of typos and run-on sentences (Sorry to all you teachers, that's just how I roll)
Info, updates, and events for RezKids
Practical ways to engage your kids and interact with our weekly lessons
Encouragement and equipping (because parenting is HARD)

Listen...I want to be on your team!  I'm THAT kid jumping up and down shouting, "Pick me!  Pick me!"  I want the opportunity to get to know and love your kids, and I need/want you do to the same for mine.  See, we need each other!  My kids, your kids...OUR kids need to feel loved in order to believe that God loves them, and we can do that better together.  

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned!  More to come...