Summer, Sheep, and Serving

It’s no secret, there are a lot of changes happening in our Kids' Ministry.  It’s an exciting time, and I will try to post updates here as often as I can. 

Here's the first one...(IMPORTANT!!)
Starting this Sunday (5/13), ALL kids - even babies and preschoolers - will check in at the Activity Center.  We’ll have two rooms set up for them.  It’s going to be different, we’ll probably have some challenges, we’ll probably have to adjust some things as we go, but there’s one thing I know for sure - our kids will be well cared for and loved on!  During construction, safety and security will remain a top priority.  It just may not look that pretty.  Your kids will still learn about Jesus, and they'll still have a great time because we have amazing volunteers at Rez.  They love on our kids and demonstrate the heart of Jesus every week - no matter where the classes are!

Funny story…this past Sunday, our kids heard about the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  After church, I asked Avett (our 3-year-old) what he learned about.  He said, “The guy lost his sheep, but then he found it.  (long pause)  He probably had tooooooo many.”  YES!  I love it!  Okay, so it isn’t the whole story, and he kind of sort of missed the point…but hey, he was listening, he had fun, he made connections with his little friends, and he was loved on by some sweet people.  He was loved on.  That’s the real win in my book.  Our kids need to feel loved, so that they can begin to understand God’s unending love for them!

Well, that sort of brings me to my next point or two…summer and serving.  (I know some of you will see the word serving and stop reading.  DON’T.)  Our kids are important to God, and reaching kids is a top priority at our church.  If everyone understood the spiritual blessing of serving God’s children, I would have to start a volunteer wait list!  So here’s my invitation to you - look over your summer schedule, find one or two Sundays that you can commit to serving in June/July, and then email me and let me know!  I know summers are busy, but we can all pitch in, enjoy this opportunity to serve, and give some of the regular volunteers a much-needed break.  There are only a few requirements:
1. A background check.
2. Don’t be creepy.
3. Love our kids like Jesus!

Now...ready, set, go…start emailing me with your dates for June and July, and let's cover the nursery and preschool classes. ------>

I really hope I have to start a volunteer wait list!