Here They Come!

So the kids are joining us for service…

Think of how great it will be!  We’ll all hold hands and sing old hymns.  My little one will lay his head on my shoulder as we pray.  Then all three of my boys will sit quietly beside me as we listen to the message. 

Hahahahaha!  Okay, so that’s probably not exactly how it’s going to go down.  Did I mention I have three boys?!  In reality, I’ll probably be giving at least one of them stink eye for not singing as loud as I think they should.  One will likely be picking his nose.  Their clothes will probably be mismatched (unless it’s Easter or Christmas).  All the while, I’ll be fervently praying that no one uses their outside voice to wonder why the guy up front doesn’t have any hair!  

I get it, bringing your kids to church can feel like a chore.  Staying home in your pajamas and putting on some cartoons may sound like a better option.  But I believe bringing our kids to church and allowing them to worship right beside us (at least some of the time) is so important and worthwhile.  Praising God and celebrating as a family is time well spent, even when it’s not picture perfect!  By allowing your kids to see you sing, pray, and listen and by allowing your kids to participate in the bigger, multigenerational family of God…You are building the foundation of your kids’ faith, and that…THAT is important work!  

Here are a couple of practical ways that MIGHT make Sundays go smoother while the kids are in service…

  • Take care of physical needs before the service begins.
    Having diapers changed, making sure everyone has used the bathroom, having a water bottle, and making sure everyone has eaten are all helpful.  
  • Talk about going to church throughout the week.  Incorporate songs, prayer, and scripture reading.
    Remind your kids (often) of your expectations.  Explain why it’s important.  Look up some of our songs on You Tube and listen together.  This gives you the opportunity to explain them and allows your kids to get familiar with the words.  Re-read the verses used in the sermon, and spend time answering any questions your kids may have.  (<———Hello, family devotional opportunity!)
  • Try to remember that helping a child in church is a form of worship!  
    It may not feel as “worshipful” when your hands are full and you can’t even hold a Bible.  But it is an act of worship, a worthy and meaningful one at that!
  • Crayons and activity pages will be available as you come in!
    Grab some crayons and papers.  Sit where your kids can see the action.  Quietly explain what’s going on during the service.

Your kids, my kids, OUR kids…they’re going to be noisy/squirmy/fidgety/restless…IT’S OKAY!  And on weeks when it’s really tough to focus and you walk away feeling defeated and not spiritually nourished for the week ahead, you can always re-listen to the sermon by clicking here!  You can also stay up-to-date with the Discover Life project by clicking here

We’re all in this together!