Better Together...

Hi!  My name is Andrea.  I'm married to Jason, and we have three boys - Aiden (Big), Attlee (Middle), and Avett (Little).  We've been married for a really, really long time (since 2008).  We're just trying our best to get through the day without anyone getting hurt and hoping that we all learn a little more about Jesus each day.  

I was born and raised in Arkansas, but I'm so thankful to now call South Carolina my home.  The mountains are my happy place, and I go as often as I can!  I enjoy hiking, iced coffee, bluegrass music, and making stuff.  

I'm new to blogging, and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about it.  See, I've watched A LOT of episodes of Dateline, and it has taught me one thing - if you put something on the internet it stays there for all of eternity.  So even if I delete this, a few years from now my boys will find it and make fun of me for something I've said.  But here it goes, and here's what you can expect...

LOTS of typos and run-on sentences (Sorry to all you teachers, that's just how I roll)
Info, updates, and events for RezKids
Practical ways to engage your kids and interact with our weekly lessons
Encouragement and equipping (because parenting is HARD)

Listen...I want to be on your team!  I'm THAT kid jumping up and down shouting, "Pick me!  Pick me!"  I want the opportunity to get to know and love your kids, and I need/want you do to the same for mine.  See, we need each other!  My kids, your kids...OUR kids need to feel loved in order to believe that God loves them, and we can do that better together.  

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned!  More to come...