Rez Family,

   As many of you know Robert our Children's pastor is passing the baton. In August the hiring team met and got to work to find the best replacement for Robert.

  Since August we have developed a system to help us identify the best possible applicant. As we have said, we want someone who feels called to work with our kids, the volunteers and the parents.  September 1st we opened the application process. We received a total of 24 resumes during the month of September. We will begin reviewing and rating a applicants qualifications during the month of October.

  We will conduct phone interviews for those applicants who met the qualifications, this step will help us get one step closer to finding the best person. Following the phone interviews will be in person interviews, background and credit check to help us narrow the applicants down to 2.

  We are excited and believe that one of these applicants will be our next children's pastor. We ask that you continue to pray for your hiring team. Great things are ahead for our Rez Kids.

Much Love,

Pastor Keith